Bookstore Manager RMS


From Randy Vorhees, President of Bookstore Manager

At Bookstore Manager, our highest priority is positively impacting your Christian retailing business for success! Toward that goal, we are continually developing features and tools to enhance your ability to effectively manage your store. Accordingly, we have video training on CD, use remote access over the Internet and provide regional training at industry trade shows. We also desire to equip you with additional, even localized, training.

Since the introduction of our services to the CBA market 20 years ago, various individuals around the country have become very familiar with the features and benefits of Bookstore Manager Software. Robbie Halstead is such a person, and we are pleased to recommend his independent consulting services, Kingdom Retail Solutions, to you as an additional resource for training on Bookstore Manager Software as well as efficient store operations.

Robbie has managed several bookstores that have successfully used the software. Located in the Northeastern region of the U.S., Robbie brings tremendous knowledge of the software and an intense understanding of Christian retail. He has overseen the IT operations of a regional chain and counseled many independents in both start up and ongoing operations. Because of his vast experience and outstanding servant heart, we enthusiastically endorse his training services to you.

We are confident that maximizing the benefits of Bookstore Manager Software through a training service such as Robbie provides will improve your knowledge of the system and your ability to manage the overall productivity and success of your business. Saving inventory investment monies via streamlining your inventory, improving ordering efficiencies and increasing sales to secure your bottom line is critical to not just surviving but thriving in today’s market.

You can reach Robbie at (508) 265-8666. You may also reach him through his website, or email him at [email protected].

As always, we pray God’s continued provision for you and your ministry and we remain grateful for your loyalty and trust.

Your friend in Christ,

Randy Voorhees