The word “partnership” is used a lot in today’s business world.  Typically, companies define “partnership” as, “how can I gain a new account?” or “how can this person bring me benefit?”.  Kingdom Retail Solutions understands that “partnership” means that everyone benefits.  Robbie Halstead, president of KRS, brings a deep bucket of experience to his clients.  A savvy retailer combined with an entrepreneurial marketing mind, Robbie can effectively work with retailers of any size, location or sales volume to develop or revise a business plan, evaluate and plan inventory, encourage and train employees and work with the owner or manager to balance ministry and business.

Robbie continues to prove himself as a trusted friend and valued partner.  I highly recommend and encourage you to talk with Robbie and the Kingdom Retail Solutions team.  You’ll be glad you did.

Kirk Blank
Munce Group