Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customer

We have been very pleased with the services of Kingdom Retail Solutions and particularly the on-site training we received from Robbie Halstead. His ability to quickly identify areas in our Bookstore Manager system that needed correction was much needed. We have been equally impressed with his customer service in responding to our needs as challenges have arisen, often calling him on weekends to help us out of jams. He always responds with solutions that get us back on track. Highly recommend him and Kingdom Retail for all your Christian bookstore consulting.”

Jeanne Terrill
New Hope Church
Manvel, Tx

We have been thoroughly impressed with the servicesoffered by Robbie Halstead. He was instrumental in the set-up of our Bookstore Manager POS system as well as the initial training of our store staff. He has served as our consulting store manager for the last year, taking the store to a new level. Some of his strongest attributes include, attention to detail and very strong communication skills. His ability to relate to all individuals has not only made him an excellent consultant, but an incredible tool for our ministry. He has a heart for service and will go the extra mile for your store.”

Rosemary Robinson
Church Administrator
Living Faith Christian Center
Pennsauken, NJ

 “I have enjoyed the time I have been able to work with Robbie.  In addition to his gifting in retail coordination, he clearly has a mission heart and an understanding of what can be achieved for the Kingdom of God through Christian Retail.  He will challenge your pre-conceived ideas.”

Neil Wardrope 
International Director
CLC International
Sheffield, England

Robbie worked for the CLC Bookcenters as our Director of Retail Operations and was a real asset to our ministry. His greatest strengths were in operations management and relationship building. During his time with CLC he was key to improving our store’s internal operations and helping us to integrate new stores into the ministry. I would highly recommend Robbie as a consultant to anyone in the Christian Retail industry.

David Almack
U.S Director
CLC International
Philadelphia, PA

“My wife and I worked with Robbie for about a year during the transition of our bookstore to a new owner after  25 years in business. He has an excellent working knowledge of retail marketing and merchandising along with good I.T. skills, and of course, from his years of experience he is well acquainted with the proper stocking of inventory. Probably his greatest strength, however, is in motivating and directing people…just ask any of his “former pupils” “

Lou Muckenfuss
Former Owner
SonShine Bookstore
Moorestown, NJ

Kingdom  Retail solutions was a Godsend and brought the help we needed to improve the quality of service in our store. The individual attention we received was par excellence.  Kingdom  Retail’s knowledge absolutely surpasses the other companies because they truly believe they are called to glorify God through their service to others.


Robin Hogan
Christian Culture Center
Brooklyn, New York

Robbie Halstead provided a great service to me and saved countless dollars for my store.  He provided all of the purchasing, bookstore manager setup, stocking, and training.  Most of all, he guided me through the process and trained me on how to run the store.  The money I spent with Robbie has returned many dividends!

Jay Hilliard
Sadlers Christian Bookstore and Teaching Supplies
Lawton, OK

I wanted to take the time to recommend Robbie Halstead and Kingdom Retail Solutions to help you in your store. They have been endorsed by Bookstore Manager Software for training and installation, not to mention everything else he offers. They have worked with many of our stores in the past and we always hear great things from our users. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to our software and can show you how to do just about anything and how to take advantage of the software you have. I never hesitate to refer people to them for assistance because I know they are in great hands.

Steven Ammons
Bookstore Manager RMS
Abilene, Texas

Robbie has a genuine passion for helping retailers be the best they can be. He knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t shrink from tough situations. If your store is doing well, he’ll make it better. If it’s in trouble, he’ll be your champion.


Jim Seybert
Jim Seybert Company
Arroyo Grande, California