Kingdom Retail Services

Bookstore Manager Training/Assistance

Our staff are extremely knowledgeable in the use of Bookstore Manager’s POS System and offer both on site and remote assistance. We can analyze your existing use of the system and create an action plan on making sure you are getting all the benefits that this software offers. We offer various types of training programs that would benefit any size store.

Kingdom Retail Solutions offers more than just services, we offer relationships, not just for the life of the contract, but for the life of the business. You can be assured that we engage publishers and vendors for your sole benefit.

“Robbie worked for the CLC Bookcenters as our director of retail operations and was a real asset to our ministry. His greatest strengths were in operations management and relationship building. During his time with CLC he was key to improving our stores’ internal operations and helping us to integrate new stores into the ministry. I would highly recommend Robbie as a consultant to anyone in the Christian retail industry.”

David Almack, U.S. Director CLC International

Project Management

  • Store Plan/Store Design- assist churches in the creation of a comprehensive business plan and assist with the design of a new or renovated space for retail use including plan review, working with contractors and guiding church staff to ensure the potential of the space is maximized. We will work alongside the church from conceptualization to store opening.
  • Initial Store Set-up: Receiving all fixtures, books, gifts, music and other materials can be overwhelming, we can create and implement a plan for initial and continual receipt of merchandise and it’s placement on the sales floor.

Software Consultation and Training

  • Assitance in selecting the appropriate POS/inventory control system and training.
  • Advice on multi-media display systems and other technology solutions.
  • E-commerce systems

Management/Staff Training and Mentorship

  • We will work to ensure that church and independent managers possess the fundamentals: product and sales knowledge, store operations, employee recruitment and hiring, supervision, finance and accounting, and analysis.
  • Helping the church understand it’s relationship with it’s business enterprise.
  • Long-Term mentoring relationship with our team of consultants serving as coaches.


  • Analysis of current or future customer base to determine best sales approaches
  • Marketing calendar developmen
  • Access to and strategic use of marketing resources
  • Access to marketing firms for out of store advertising
  • Development of in-house marketing templates

Staff Training

  • Development of training tools for in-house instruction

Retainer Services

  • Long-term consulting/mentoring
  • Technical Support