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Prospective Retailer Course

Looking to open a Christian bookstore and wonder what it takes to make it work?

This 4-hour course is ideal for those entering the Christian retail industry. Areas discussed:

  • Business plan components
  • Inventory cost
  • Store opening cost
  • Projecting sales
  • Marketing Plan
  • Merchandising tips
  • Understanding your financials

You will leave this course with ALL the necessary information to make sure that you open a store that can succeed!

Also a great program for those who may have opened a store, and were never given the proper training! Course can be taken all at one time, or you can break up the hours as your schedule would allow.

Price: $295.00

Business Management Webinar Courses

Currently offering webinars in the following areas:

  • Cycle Count Program
  • Open to Buy Program
  • Marketing Calendar

Each of these webinars is a one-on-one session with your store to make these programs custom-made for your store! Each can go up to an hour, however, should they not, the rest of that time can be used for follow-up once you have the prgroam up and running.

Each webinar is $50 each.  Scheduling at your convenience.

To schedule click the pay button below. Please indicate in the comment section of the payment screen which webinar you are signing up for.

Price: $50.00

Payment for Consulting Services

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Price: As Invoiced